How to subscribe to a YouTube channel

Subscribing to a YouTube channel makes finding future videos from that channel easier. It's free (except for a very few channels.) It also encourages the video creator to keep creating! It's easy to subscribe. Whenever you watch a video, you should see a red subscribe...

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How to detect cuts in a video for editing

If you're working with a video file with multiple cuts / camera angles, then editing can be a pain. For instance if you have a recording of a Zoom call, one person might have a tilted camera, bad lighting or out-of-sync audio. But with both cameras recorded in one...

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Video Unavailable on Website

Are you having trouble embedding your YouTube videos into your website? The thumbnail shows up, but when a visitor clicks the video, it says "video unavailable" and forces them to go to YouTube to watch the video? I've noticed it also suggests random videos to your...

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