If you have an ATR3350IS Lavalier Microphone, you might have thought it would also work with your MacBook Pro. The 3350IS works with the iPhone, and the iPhone headphones work with the MacBook Pro, but there’s a trick to make the 3350IS work with the MacBook Pro. I must admit that I didn’t figure this out on my own. I tried lots of combinations, then found this YouTube video:

[s3vpp id=04103a470066ab4f806495d88c7fbad1]


The simple answer is:

Plug your iPhone earbuds (or 3rd party headphones that also have a microphone built in) into the adapter that comes with the 3350IS. Plug the earbuds into the jack with the headphones icon.

Then plug the adapter into the “headphone” jack in your MacBook Pro.

Then plug your ATR3350IS into the microphone jack on the adapter and turn on the microphone.

Now your computer will find the external lavalier microphone.

The key is to follow the order exactly, if you plug in the microphone to the adapter before the earbuds, it won’t work.


And be sure to turn off your ATR3350IS when you finish. I go through so many batteries in that microphone!