Got Wrinkles?

A crisp backdrop can add a level of professionalism to your videos – but not if it’s wrinkled. I tried ironing my muslin backdrops, but they are 6 feet x 9 feet and it’s tough to iron something that big on my ironing board.  Then I discovered a travel steamer – this quick, easy and cheap tool will make your backdrops look amazing in just minutes.

I found this video on how to remove wrinkles with a spray of warm water, but I just ended up with a wet wrinkled backdrop. Give it a try, it may work for you!

I purchased a hand travel steamer on Amazon and it is quick and easy! Just hold the steamer against the hanging fabric and run it up and down.

Muslin Backdrops

The backdrops I use are muslin – a specific type of cotton commonly used for photography backdrops (among other things.)  Sheets also work as a DIY solution.  And backdrops are also available as paper or vinyl.

Setting up your home studio

If you are interested in setting up a studio in your home, I have a video (with links) covering all the equipment in my home studio.  It’s not necessary to have professional (or even amateur) equipment to get started – clamp lights and bedsheets are a great start!