Randall is the voice of they Honey Badger videos.  His channel has over 100,000,000 views.

How did Randall get started:

Randall struck it big when his video “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” unexpectantly went viral.  He’s built his channel on that success.

What inspires Randall:

Life.  Nature.  And other creative YouTubers making funny tasteful videos.

Learning from a mistake:

Use your own footage!  Randall’s big viral video cannot be monetized by him because he doesn’t own the original video.  His advice: shoot it yourself, or make sure it’s in the public domain.

Let’s talk money.

Randall is part of the Fullscreen Network, and makes some money from advertising.  But the majority of his income comes from businesses that want him to narrate other videos, etc.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

PluralEyes – This software is used to synch audio and video recorded on different devices.  A necessity for anyone editing on Final Cut Pro (or Premiere Pro, Media Composer orVegas Pro) and using multiple devices to record.  This feature is built into Final Cut X.  But, like me, Randall just can’t give up Final Cut Pro.

And also Canon Cameras.  Subscriber Nation is recorded on a Canon EOS 60D and Randall uses a Canon EOS 5D

What’s next:

Collaboration.  Randall highly recommends that YouTubers collaborate with each other.  Randall will be collaborating with Flula and Chef Katie Chen.

How to find Randall:

Randall’s YouTube Channel


Thanks to Helium Comedy Club in Portland for the filming location!