If you want to look your client in the eye on a webcam, then this is the solution. Seeing eye-to-eye is important for connecting with other human beings. Especially when we are social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

I’ve been working for years trying to find a simple solution to this problem: when you look into your webcam, your client thinks you are looking them in the eye, but you can’t see their reaction. But if you look them in the eye on your screen, then they think that you are looking over their shoulder or at their chin. It’s very unnatural.

I’ve created a three-piece system that should work with any computer setup. It’s an external portable monitor, a teleprompter mirror and an external webcam. 

Photos of the teleprompter setup that allow you to view people eye-to-eye

It looks like the 11″ version I own has been replaced with a 13″ version. This may not lay flat in the teleprompter, but that’s OK. I wouldn’t buy a monitor bigger than 13″. And you can consider this 10″ option.

COVID Price Gouge Warning: Regular price is around $60, only buy now if you are OK paying inflated prices. However, no one charging regular price has them in stock.

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