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Video Headshot GraphicVideo Headshot Package $399 (included with Dream Fruition Elite Membership)

Short of meeting you in person, an online video is the best way to build know, like and trust online.

This video tells your story. Shows your values. And reveals your journey.

Why a Video Headshot?

Text, Photo, Video ComparisonPeople love to watch video online – it helps us to connect with the person in the video and gather clues about their personality, professionalism, sense of humor, etc. A photo and some words doesn’t convey nearly the level of information that a video does. If you’re in a business where your clients need to know, like and trust you, then video is the answer.

Video headshots can be placed on your website’s About page, your LinkedIn profile or your YouTube account. These are all places for you to tell your story – reveal why you are so excited about your business – and connect to your audience. It’s your opportunity to tell your audience why you are the perfect person to solve their problems. Your About page and LinkedIn Profile probably have a professional headshot showing what you look like – but a video can show your visitors who you are – and help them determine if they want to work with you (or equally important – if they are not a good fit.)

Why Skype?

Skype allows us to capture authentic, yet professional video from the comfort of your home or office – saving both time and money. Skype has a great remote recording option that is not possible with Zoom. Video captured by Skype is perfect for your About page, but you may want to consider hiring a local videographer to help you with video for the home page of your website.

We can capture a video with your webcam that will convert better than something captured by a professional videographer in a studio. The reason? People want authenticity. And they want story. We focus on gathering this video in a style that makes you look like a pro, but doesn’t make you look like an actor playing a coach on TV.

What’s included in the basic package: 

⇨  A 30 to 90 second long video of you speaking directly to your website visitor.

⇨  An authentic video captured with your webcam, under Brighton’s direction using Skype.

⇨  A 30 minute phone call to prepare prior to the recording day, including direction on preparing your script.

⇨   Up to 60 minutes with a professional videographer recording your video through Skype

Schedule your shoot now and you can have a video headshot in as soon as one week.

Sample Video Headshots