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Online Video is hot – are you missing out?

You know it – online video is hot. And it’s getting hotter. If you haven’t started posting video – or if you’re not happy with the videos you post – then now is the perfect time to boost your confidence, learn the tools and reach your ideal clients with video.

The good news is: I can get you there in just one week. Video is really easy these days – but only if you have a guide to put you on the right track. All you need is a smartphone and 20 minutes per day for 5 days.

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Video Lessons will be live on Facebook at 8am PST each day next week. You’ll have a chance to interact at that time. But if that time doesn’t work for you, the recording will be available immediately after.

Here’s a sample video from each day’s training – so you can see the progress you can expect:

Day 1: You’ll find a good place to film yourself in your house and get on camera for the first time. Think of this as an ice-breaker.

Day 2: We’ll focus on the camera (smartphone) and composition.

Day 3: We’ll focus on your on-camera presence. Confidence. Memorization. Connecting with your audience.

Day 4: We’ll focus on the content – what should you be talking about when you push record?

Day 5: We’ll focus on basic editing – making you look more professional – and significantly reducing the time it takes to record a video (yeah, that might sound counter-intuitive, but you’re gonna love this lesson!)

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