Coaches Guide to Getting Found on YouTube

Not getting enough views on your YouTube videos? You can create great videos, but if you don’t optimize them, then YouTube doesn’t know who to share them with. Download the free PDF checklist which goes into detail about 10 places you can optimize to be found on YouTube.

Do you want your coaching message to reach the masses? YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – and it’s owned by the first largest. But just posting a video is not a sound course for reaching success.

YouTube needs to understand who would be interested in your video – it cannot do that unless you start out by describing your video for the search engine. This is a tricky balancing act because you must appease the “Search Goddess” and also the average human being – at the same time.

Download my guide to get on the right path today. And if you’re looking for a specific solution for your coaching practice, I’d love to offer a free 30 minute strategy session.