Home Video Setup Help in Portland OR

Are you a professional coach or consultant who wants to record your own videos for YouTube or Facebook to connect with new customers, engage existing customers or sell your knowledge through eCourses? Hiring a videographer each time you have content to record can become prohibitively expensive. But today’s smartphones have amazing video cameras on board – you just need a few more things and some advice on how to make your home or office look and sound like a professional studio.

If you’re in or around Portland Oregon, I’d love to visit your home or office to show you the possibilities and teach you how to use the basic gear. If you’re outside this area, I’ve provided links to the gear I recommend most often along with quick video overviews of each piece. The gear I recommend typically costs around $75. But each location is different, and I may recommend something different for your situation. I’ve had plenty of clients who only need a little fill light on their face or want to use a teleprompter. When I come to your place, I’ll bring a bunch of sample gear for you to try out before you buy (I recommend Amazon.)

If you don’t want to waste any time or money – schedule a consultation now. You’ve got better things to do than browse Amazon and read reviews, only to find out the equipment is too complicated. Let me take all the stress out of setting up a studio – so that you can start making videos ASAP.

Get your studio set up today!

My home video consultation is just $247 (for up to 90 minutes in the Portland metro area.) Just pick a time that is convenient for you, and then pay after you set the time.


The three basic needs for a home video studio.

To create professional videos, there are just three things you need (assuming you already own a smartphone.) You need to hold the camera steady. You need to have flattering lighting. And you need to record great sound. The following four videos cover the details – and they include affiliate links to equipment I own and recommend.


The tripod I most commonly recommend to my clients is an Amazon Basics 60-inch tripod. This is a light-weight, light-duty tripod which is less than $25. Would I use it for a $5000 video camera? Probably not. But most of my clients are using a smartphone or similar compact camera.

You’ll also need something to attach your smartphone to the tripod. I love this Ulanzi Smartphone Adapter. It costs under $8. It’s very adaptable, allowing you to make small adjustments without having to play with the tripod legs – and if you want to switch to vertical video (FB Live?) you can easily flip the camera.


Good lighting can be complicated – or it can be easy. There’s no need to spend big bucks on 3-point lighting kits with soft boxes (unless you reall love spending money on gear.) I recommend setting up one umbrella light. This Limo Studio Light Kit sells for less than $30 on Amazon.


Bad sound will ruin a great video. Most smartphones today have great microphones built in. But you can usually improve on that with a lavalier microphone. You’ll connect this to your shirt, so the sound coming from your mouth is much louder than any background noises. The Movo PM10 is my recommendation and costs around $15 on Amazon.

And this list of recommended gear all in one spot:

Amazon Basics 60-inch tripod

Ulanzi Smartphone Adapter

Limo Studio Light Kit

Movo PM10