ICF Core Competency Video Scheduling

Thank you for your continued support of ICF Core Competencies update. Our next step is creating a series of videos that will be available to the public on YouTube.

The videos will be created with your webcam or smartphone, with the help of virtual videographer Brighton West. Brighton will meet with you on Skype. He will record the call, help you look and sound great, give you direction and support and he will edit together the best parts of your time together into a finished video. 

Each of the competencies will be one video. Please choose a video that you are most interested in from the list below and add that to the form when you schedule.

1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice – Dr. Frances Penafort

2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset – with Colin Brett

3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements – Julius Ordoñez

4. Cultivates Trust and Safety – with Osama Al-Mosa

5. Maintains Presence – with Pamela Richarde

6. Listens Actively – with Sackeena Gordon-Jones

7. Evokes Awareness – with Giuseppe Totino

8. Facilitates Client Growth – Janet Harvey

Then schedule a time with Brighton on the calendar below. You’ll need to be in a quiet location, with good light from in front of you and a strong Internet connection.

Each video will be around 5 -7 minutes long. We want you to provide a brief overview of the competency, how it applies to everyday coaching and point the viewer to resources on the ICF website if applicable. You’ll also share what this looks like when a coach is doing it well and what it looks like when they struggle with this competency. The format is an interview format and the interview will be edited, so we can edit out mistakes or Brighton may give you some feedback to do a second take.

You won’t be able to go into detail about each sub-point. And we don’t want you trying to memorize anything in advance. Just have a conversation about the competencies.

Please choose a 45 minute slot to record your video. Times listed should be for your timezone. Check the bottom of the calendar above to confirm the timezone shown.

We will connect by Skype and I will walk you through the process at your chosen time. I look forward to meeting you soon. If you are no longer interested in this project, just let me know and I’ll find someone to talk your place.

And feel free to contact me if you need any help.


Make sure you see the confirmation screen or your appointment has not been scheduled.