Prepare for Microsoft Engagement: Practitioner Video

Be sure to be ready, on Skype, in a quiet place with a strong Internet connection at the time of our recording. The three most important things as far as setup are:

  1. Camera should be at your eye height
  2. Camera should be steady – not hand held
  3. Light should coming from in front of you, not behind.

If you can’t see a video above this text, click here.

Sample video from Janet Harvey

If you can’t see a video above this text, click here.

The content outline is the same for each person so that we may have consistency around the world. 
1) Who are you and what’s your elevator pitch / essence as coach? 10 seconds
  * In addition, be sure to declare you are an International Coach Federation _____ Certified Coach (this is a Microsoft requirement).
2) What is your inspiration for coaching leaders in organizations? 20-30 seconds

3) What are common challenges leaders face that you enjoy addressing?
 20-30 seconds
4) What is most important to you in co-creating a partnership with leaders through coaching? 20-30 seconds
5) What action should the client take next? 10 seconds
 * This is a standard line…
“If you wish to engage with me as your coach, push the button below.  Your selection will be confirmed within 48 hours by email that also includes the set up and next steps to get going.”