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You’ve got fans and they are already saying great things about you. But your business needs clients beyond your local theater. Online video is the best way to capture a believable, convincing and authentic testimonial, which will then convince future clients. Having a third party talk about you is a great way to build social proof. Talking about yourself is one thing, having clients talk about you is a whole nother level. Similarly, written testimonials are one thing, but having your clients speak directly to your future clients is much more effective.

But getting clients to provide video testimonials is traditionally difficult, expensive or ineffective. That’s why we created a system to capture testimonials from coaching clients with minimal effort from you and your client.

Video Testimonials attract more ideal clients

⇨ 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

⇨ Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing, at 89%

⇨ 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch video

⇨ Testimonials are the most effective form of video marketing

What’s included in the package?

We make the process simple for you and your client. Here’s what you’ll get:

⇨ You’ll get email templates to invite your client to commit to a video testimonial and schedule with us.

We communicate with your client (you don’t need to chase them down after the initial connection.)

Your client schedules online for a 15 minute Skype call with Brighton, and they watch a 3-minute video to get ready.

⇨ Your client spends just 15 minutes on a Skype call, from their home or office, with their webcam over Skype.

Brighton will coach your client to look great and provide an authentic, compelling, natural testimonial.

⇨ We use a unique process to get your client to comfortably talk about the transformation you coached them through – they don’t need to memorize or even prepare in advance. And we have fun together on the call!

⇨ Everything is recorded to the cloud, then we edit and select the best quotes to add as text to the screen – matching the colors and fonts from your website.

⇨ We post the video to Vimeo, including custom embed settings to make the video appear most professionally, and a custom thumbnail. And we give you instructions to add it to your website or social media pages.


Sample Testimonials

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What is the difference between this service and asking my clients to film their own testimonials, or just recording a Skype call between me and my clients?

You and your clients are probably not trained to capture great video, tell a great testimonial story, edit video or adjust embed code for your website. Leave that to us experts and spend your time in your zone of genius. Below are examples of videos captured for a coach by a client on their own, and then the same client using our system.

As you can see – we make sure the story is succinct and impactful, the video meets certain standards like positioning the camera and holding it steady, we edited it to capture the important parts of the story, and add important text to the screen.



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Testimonials for this testimonial service from coaches and their clients


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Mentor Coach and MCC Lyssa deHart talks about how her testimonials changed after working with Brighton.

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Coach Jane Brotchie talks about how easy it is to work with Brighton.

Thumbnail for video testimonial

Donaji was a client of coach Pia Silva, she provided this testimonial about her experience leaving a testimonial for Pia.

What can be added to the basic package for an additional fee? 

⇨  Background music

⇨  Combine your three testimonials into one “mashup video” in addition to the individual videos

⇨  Getting your feedback and editing the video accordingly

⇨  Adding B-roll (photos, videos, etc) during editing

⇨  Animation and graphics

⇨  Exporting part of your video as an Animated GIF for exciting email use

⇨  Uploading and Optimizing on YouTube

⇨  Customize the questions (our default questions are awesome, but we can be flexible too)

⇨ Providing a transcript of the video so you can use the text on your website or elsewhere, and we’ll close caption your videos for accessibility and SEO 

⇨  Add one more client video