Add a Play Button to YouTube Thumbnails

Sometimes you need an image that looks like a video. Maybe you want to put a link to a video in an email message - you'll need to use a photo, but if people see a photo with a play button, they know to click. Or maybe you need to put a video somewhere on your website, but it's slowing down the page loading speed. So you want to instead use a photo that looks like a video, and link that photo to a page where the video plays. You can even use this to add a video to the footer of your email messages.

This tool is designed to add play buttons to thumbnail images from YouTube or Vimeo. You can also upload an image here to automatically add a play button to an image without loading to YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 1) Grab Thumbnail From Youtube/Vimeo Video

Make sure the video quality is 720p or above.

Select Play Button Color:

Or Upload Image

Select image to upload (Only upload JPEG/PNG image with resolution: 1280px*720px)

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