Most of my clients are individual coaches – people who marketing with public speaking and writing books works well. But once in a while I work with different businesses, schools, nonprofits, etc. Below is a list of businesses doing a great job on YouTube.

I was amazed at how long it took me to find these channels. There are lots of other lists of “top brands on YouTube” (most include GoPro, Red Bull and Nike) but those YouTube channels didn’t seem like great examples to learn from. They are strong brands that are bringing their audience to YouTube – most of my clients are looking to build their audience with YouTube.

Some of the brands below are big, but I felt like they were great examples to learn from:

Channels with strong branding / sense of community and core values:

Channel with many different people on camera in different videos:

Smaller business doing YouTube well:

Smaller business doing YouTube well, without the professional production expense:

Schools doing YouTube well:

More examples: