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Is your coaching* practice is ready for online video?

Intrigued by the services I’ve listed on my website and wondering which is perfect for your practice?

Or maybe you have an idea and think that maybe a virtual videographer can help bring your idea to life.

Book a free session to see how can help. Just fill out the form below and we’ll set a time to connect and discuss a video strategy that’s unique to you and your practice.

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*Who fits into my definition of “coach”? Traditional life, executive, business, health coaches. Healers. Hypnotists. Some consultants. Maybe even chiropractors, morticians and dentists. I work with people who guide their clients on a meaningful journey of transformation. If you think you might fit, let’s talk.

Maybe it’s best to say who I don’t typically work with: Financial planners, Direct Sales people, Retail establishments, Corporations (that aren’t coaching related – here’s looking at you John Maxwell & Tony Robbins), Restaurants, Politicians, Nuclear engineers…

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