Neewer LED Panel Review

The Neewer LED Panel is worth every penny. Getting the lighting right for your video is important - whether it's a vlog, a webinar, or even video calls. In this video, I talk about the Neewer LED Panel and its features that I absolutely love. Neewer LED Panel Features...

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Hang Up Zoom and Skype

These are the keyboard shortcuts to end meetings on a Mac. For further shortcuts or other Operating Sytems check here for Skype and here for Zoom. Zoom: Command(⌘)+W: Prompt to End or Leave Meeting Skype: Command(⌘)+Shift+H: Hang up  

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Eye Line Guides and Privacy Covers

Eye line guide and Privacy coversProtect your privacy and look great on camera for just $2. I designed this privacy cover with a pair of eyes on it - making it easier to "talk to the camera" when on video recordings or video calls. If you're a coach or consultant...

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