Don’t take our word for it. 

If pictures are worth a thousand words, how about a video? Here’s a look at what our clients have to say about working with us.

Brighton’s work just seemed to be the answer to my prayers. I don’t enjoy asking people to do testimonials. It’s really nice to have somebody who’s a third party who can come in and talk to people and really get the service and how I’ve been able to help them. It’s actually a real gift, once I see these testimonials, to hear what clients have to say. And it’s, obviously, great for the business.
Jane Brotchie

Personal and Professional Development Coach, The Cat's Whiskers Coach

I was working with some other coaches and we were talking about the value of having a video presence on our websites…

I had the opportunity to interact with Brighton and knew he was the guy for me. He just made it easy… start to finish was a super easy process and now I’ve got live video on my website.

Kirsten Meneghello

Executive Coach, Illumination Coaching

Brighton has been helping me to record a class program that’s going to be marketed through online platforms. He was incredibly helpful today in setting up a very nice looking shoot and also in walking me through this first time, initial experience of filming. I’m very excited to continue working with him on future endeavors.
Bryan McMahon

Chinese Medicine Practitioner, The Wandering Cloud

We have been super impressed with the level of service and the quality of the product once the editing is done. And the communication along the way. They’re always there to help you.
Sarah Karakian

Co-Owner, Nestrs

I met Brighton West at a recent workshop of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. As a practicing hypnotherapist for the past 21 years, I realized the importance of videos for my website, YouTube and Social Media. I had interviewed 2 professionals to help me with this for a cost of over $1000. With Brighton’s excellent presentation and easy to follow guidelines, he gave me (and everyone present) the confidence and skills to make our own professional videos with our smartphones. His easy manner and excellent communication skills, not mentioning 21 plus years of experience and passion, made it fun and easy to learn. He had us work in pairs and make our own videos during the workshop. He inspired me to get a new updated smartphone, and microphone to start making my own videos. I am now practicing and putting together short scripts. I am excited to make the time to continue. Thank you Brighton for giving me the inspiration and confidence that I can do this!
Nancy B. Wheeler

Hypnotist, Nancy B. Wheeler Hypnosis

I took Brighton’s YouTube 101 course on Udemy. This is a fantastic, easy to follow course for newbies to YouTube. Brighton is a pro videographer, so the course is stalked full of valuable tips and lessons for anyone looking to get started with making videos. Since video is where it’s at in 2016, every business looking to grow their business online would be well advised to at least learn these easy to follow basics. Thank you Brighton for some great tips in the course and for answering my personal video questions as well!
Tricia Martin

E-Course Creator, Like Us Communications

Brighton took a blank canvas, and like a Master painter, turned it into a bright scene ready to hang on the wall. And took my breath away. He sees through the eyes of an elder. Now my book breathes.
Jacques Nichols

Dirt Bros. Clothing

Brighton was incredible to work with. I work for a small Portland business and coordinated bringing Brighton in to help with our promotion and marketing. He was professional, timely, and knowledgeable. He was very prompt in getting the final video published and created the perfect video based on what our business needed. I highly recommend working with Brighton West Video!
Kerry Davis

Marketing Consultant

Brighton – You are amazing! Yesterday you published the video shot the day before in my office as a promotional for my business. I really appreciate that you coached me about what makes a more professional looking film, and gave me tools to settle my nerves. Your description of my services was clear, concise and inviting. I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to working with you again.
Julia Hanfling

Nutrition and Diabetes Coach, 3 Peaches Nutrition and Diabetes Coaching

We were in the middle of a very successful project involving many different pieces to improve the county’s two jails – but we needed a way to show these improvements to the board and public – without taking them into the jail. Brighton did an amazing job telling this complex story, working in a challenging location, and interfacing with our sheriff’s deputies that aren’t used to being on video. The end product does a great job showing off the successes of this program and helping people understand the significance of these efforts in a quick and engaging fashion. The advice and video remains a central part of our story telling efforts, and has provided a lot of value for our team.
John Wasiutynski

Director, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability

Within just a couple of days of posting the videos Brighton helped me create and optimize for YouTube, I had a wonderful call from a prospective home buyer who saw one of my videos and said he totally connected! Yay! These videos are a great way to show people who I am, ensuring a good fit with new clients. Thank you, Brighton!
Bonnie Roseman


Brighton is a talented and confident videographer who makes my good ideas great. I utilized his company to produced a number of training videos featuring professional actors showing volunteers how to perform their role. He helped to combine “real people” with screencasting as part of training. I plan to continue working with Brighton as I grow my training business.
Diane Dempcy

Dempcy Consulting

So proud of myself. I actually uploaded a new video and put in the tags and a description. You taught me well!
Julee Hunt

Speaker/Author/Coach, Reclaim Your Life

Brighton worked incredibly fast for me and I’m impressed with his level of knowledge of YouTube. It’s good to know I’m working with a professional. I appreciate it.
Terra Heilman

Professional Speaker, Terra Linda Consulting

Brighton West Video was wonderful to work with. I was coached on how to present my best self on camera (something that makes me very nervous) in a way that calmed me and made me feel confident. I loved working Brighton because, not only is the kind of guy you just want to hang out with, he’s very talented at what he does! I can’t recommend his work enough.
Jessica J. Williams

Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur

That was by far the easiest video process I’ve ever been through. Thanks for your professionalism and efficiency.
Matt Whitaker

Oregon Director, Compassion and Choices

As Executive Director for the Career Resources Network, we had the opportunity to experience firsthand Brighton’s detailed Videography. He voluntarily filmed one of our many CRN Seminar events and the quality and cinematography was spot on! He captured rather impressive video of the speaker and the audience, while being unobtrusive and making the participants feel at ease at all times. We hope to engage his services in the future, reach out to me if I can be of any additional reference.
Doug Goodrum

Founder / Executive Director, Career Resources Network