I’m really excited about this brand new Portland business that is using online video. This is a Portland based business started by my friend Jake Jones. Jake loves to cook healthy food and dreamt of helping people eat healthy – specifically a paleo diet.

I was client #1. Jake launched with perfect timing – January 1, 2016, when so many of us are resolving to do things like “eat better.” It’s exciting to help shape Jake’s business. Jake just picked a name for his business – you can find him at FeastFit.com.

So Jake delivers paleo meals in the Portland Oregon area. I’ve signed up for his 3 days per week plan and I get 9 meals delivered on Mondays. Week one arrived and I wasn’t sure how to eat. I’ve never tried paleo before. I wasn’t sure what was breakfast and what was dinner. Or what things should be eaten together. Or what that delicious creamy brown stuff was (it turned out to be homemade pecan butter.)

So I suggested Jake add weekly online videos to his service.

This is great for his current clients to understand what’s in each delivered dish (those things that looked like chopped onions in the salad were really fennel – who knew?) and also how/when to eat each dish. He also adds a bit of nutritional information and some background on why foods are eaten together.

It is also great for people considering his services. They can look back at what Jake has prepared in the past and really understand what to expect when they sign up.

And if someone searches for videos about “Portland Paleo Chef” on Google, Jake shows up at the top of the list.

I helped Jake with his first video, and Jake took over the next week. You can check out the first two videos below.

Here’s Jake’s first video doing it with the training wheels off. There’s an awkward pause and the lighting needs to be adjusted to brighten up his eye sockets, but overall it’s a really helpful video.

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