The key to building a successful YouTube channel is not just great content, but also an effective strategy.

In this episode of Coach Focused, Brighton West interviews Positivity Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Author and YouTuber, Dr. Paul Jenkins. If you’re a speaker, author, or coach and you’re wondering what else to do to market your products and and services, watch the video below!

How authors can leverage speaking to sell their books

The speaking part – now this I think is worth mentioning. As I was completing that first draft of my book, well, books, what I drafted was a brain dump. It wasn’t a book, and I realized I gotta have some help to turn this into a book.

So I called an editor who had taken care of several of my colleagues and people that I really respected liked their books. I said, ”What would it take to work with you?” and he said, “That depends. Are you a speaker? Because speakers sell books. Publishers don’t.”

Publishers will do an initial push and a promotion, but they don’t sell books. Speakers sell books.

Dr. Paul Jenkins’ YouTube strategy

I’m doing daily, long-form – meaning 10 to 15 minutes – YouTube videos, and daily for me means 5 days a week. So 5 episodes, you start doing the math and that’s a lot of content.

I don’t come into the office and film a video every day. I come into the office one time a month and film 21 videos in a day.

I have to gear up for that, honestly. It’s a lot of content, it’s a lot of energy, it’s a lot of prep. It takes me typically anywhere from four to six hours to prep my outlines; I don’t even do the outlines until we generate topic ideas.

We’ve got a team mostly in the Philippines where we put it out for keyword research and these topics come back with several titles that people are hitting on the search engines. And we pick a title related to that topic that’s already getting search volume.

The strategy there is we’re not trying to create a viral video; we want a video that’s going to get consistent hits over time and has good content so that people feel that they want to engage that video or they want to share it.

And then I create an outline. The topics are already things that I know some things about because I’ve submitted the topics. And then from that outline, I have my my videographer show up once a month, we shoot 21 episodes.