If you’re working with a video file with multiple cuts / camera angles, then editing can be a pain. For instance if you have a recording of a Zoom call, one person might have a tilted camera, bad lighting or out-of-sync audio. But with both cameras recorded in one file / track, it’s not possible to apply effects to just one camera angle without cutting the file into different tracks.

Final Cut Pro doesn’t have a great tool for finding cuts so that you can break these into different tracks. However, the free version of Davinci Resolve can automatically break the clips, export to Final cut, and then you can divide the footage into separate tracks and apply edits and filters.

  1. Open a new project in DaVinci Resolve.
  2. Switch to the Media Workspace (you cannot access this tool in the Media Pool.)
  3. Right click the file you want to split.
  4. Then select Scene Detection.
  5. Then click Auto Scene Detect
  6. When the process is finished there will be a list of the cuts on the right.
  7. Scroll through the list and verify that at each cut the images at the top are two copies of the same image on the right, and a different image on the left. You can delete cuts where they are all the same. You can move the purple line up if there are a lot of cuts that are inaccurate. The height of the line represents the how confident the software is about finding a cut.
  8. Click “Add cuts to media pool.”
  9. Close the Scene Detection Window by clicking the X in the upper left
  10. Switch to the Editing Workspace
  11. Drag all the clips to the timeline
  12. Select all the clips on the timeline
  13. Choose File: Export XML
  14. Import the XML file into FinalCut Pro
  15. Select all the clips for each speaker and copy them to a different track

FYI – Filmora Wondershare also has scene detection, but it cannot export an XML file.