Do you want to learn how to leverage YouTube to spread your message?

Dr Sten Ekberg is a chiropractor and nutritionist at Wellness For Life in Cumming, GA.

In this video, we talk about the how and why he got started on YouTube, how he uses YouTube to spread his message on health and wellness, the tools he’s using, and a lot more. Watch the full video below!

Wellness For Life is a local business – how are they leveraging YouTube?

“I started the YouTube channel to share more information, so that when people have a question, I can send them over to a video instead of having to take the time over and over in the office to explain the same things.”

Dr. Ekberg is also using his channel to spread his message and overcome misconceptions about health and wellness.

On starting a YouTube channel:

“Once you get in front of a camera, you have to get used to it. There’s no way around it. You just spend a certain amount of time and you get more comfortable.”

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