I just got an email from Google notifying me that I’m now an “Opal Level” Creator. Pretty sweet, especially as I think they invented Opal Level yesterday. What is YouTube up to? At VidCon 2016 (way back in June,) they announced some new features for creators. The big one seems to be access to help.

Benefits start for channels with one subscriber, then go up at 1000, 10,000 and 100,000.

A feature I’m excited about is creator meetups – so far I think this has been mostly limited to cities where there is a YouTube Space (LA, NYC, Toronto, London, Tokyo…) But I’m hoping they expand to cities where they have offices. Google opened a new office in Portland in January. For now, I’ll cross my fingers and keep added subscribers – my 2016 goal is still 10,000 Subscribers. That would mean I’d start out 2017 as a Bronze creator!