When uploading photos to your website, you’ll need to resize and compress them before uploading. If you post a photo direct from your camera or iPhone, the photo is probably huge – and that translates into a slow website. That photo would be great for printing out a poster, but online, it should be small and compressed.

In the video below, I show you how I use Photoshop to set up photos for the web. You can also do this with the free tool Gimp if you download a special plugin.

The images on my website are maximum 610 pixels wide. My header and footer graphics are wider, but 600 is a good size for the web. And photos should be 10KB – 200KB in size. Bigger files than that will just slow your page down as it loads. Be sure to watch the quality of the photo as you adjust the file size and format. Choose the smallest file size that causes the least distortion to your photo.