One of the key things to remember if you have an online business is this: make it easy for people to find you.

If you have more than one social media profile and you want to add them to your YouTube banner, then this tutorial is for you.

How to Add Social Media Icons to YouTube

  1. Login to YouTube
  2. On the upper left corner you’ll see a button with three horizontal bars. Click on it to show the sidebar menu.
  3. Click My Channel
  4. Hover over your channel art (YouTube banner) and click the pencil on the upper right corner. You’ll see one of two things: either Edit channel art or Edit channel art and Edit links.


If you don’t see Edit links, follow the steps below

  1. Click on the cog icon next to the Subscribe button to bring up Channel settings
  2. Turn on Customize the layout of your channel and click Save. After this, you should be able to see Edit links when you click the pencil icon.


If you see Edit links, proceed with the following

  1. Click Edit links. 
  2. (Optional) Add your email for business inquiries
  3. Under Custom links, you can overlay up to 5 custom links on your channel art. Click the Add button to add links to your website and other social media profiles


And there you have it – it’s so easy!

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