Shadows on the wall behind you can make your videos look less professional.  The good news is that softening that shadow is easy with a simple tool: a photography umbrella.

Harsh Shadow Lighting

Example of single point lighting, before adding an umbrella shows harsh shadows.

Lighting Example - After

The same lighting, but with a photography umbrella attached to the light.

Lighting 101

Ideally, lighting involves three or more lights, but you can still get great results with a single light (or window.)  Larger light sources create more natural looking light – and using an umbrella or a diffuser can make your light source appear larger.

Umbrella Lighting Diagram

Lighting equipment from the video

The equipment in the video is pretty simple, below are (affiliate) links to take you to purchase these from Amazon.

Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Bulb

Light Stand

CowboyStudio Premium AC Socket with Umbrella Holder

Translucent Umbrella

Alternately, you can buy a three light kit with stands, bulbs, umbrellas and a carry case for less than $60