Google and other search engines can’t see inside your videos – so you need to tell them in order for them to share your content with viewers.  Most people do this with three tools: well written titles, detailed descriptions and proper tags.  But there’s one more tool that YouTube offers to help increase your video views: Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning your videos is easy, but can be time consuming.  In this tutorial, I show you how to upload closed caption files and I show you how you can easily type your text directly into YouTube.

Four ways Closed Captions increase views (it’s more than SEO):

Closed Captions improve your view counts in four ways:

1) Deaf or hard of hearing people can watch your content

2) People who speak your language as a second language can read your video if they struggle to understand.

3) People who can’t turn on their speakers (at work or in class) can watch your videos

4) Google and other search engines can index your video and share it with searchers.

And if you want someone else to type up you captions for you, check out