Do you want to broadcast Live video on your Facebook business page using your iPhone?

In this video, I’ll share how to create a simple live video on your Facebook business page.

How to go Live on a Facebook business page using your iPhone

  1. Get your iPhone ready. You can hold it by hand, or use a selfie stick or a tripod if you want your video to become more stable.
  2. Open the Facebook app. Search for the page that you manage and click on it.
  3. Create a post. On your Facebook business page, start typing something about your Live video. Click the icons beside “Add to your post” and select Live Video.
  4. Get ready for the Live video. Hold the camera at eye level and look at it directly and hit Go Live.
  5. Record your Live video. After the countdown, you can start speaking to the camera. You will see numbers next to the red Live icon at the top of the screen, which shows the number of people currently watching your Live video. Typically you want your video to last somewhere between 5-10 minutes to give your audience a chance to join. Click Finish when you’re done.
  6. Post the video on your timeline. You can post your Live video and make it available to those who weren’t able to catch you. Just click Post to see it on your Facebook business page.

Going live on your Facebook page is easy! If you have any questions about Facebook Live or online video, drop them in the comments below.