Let’s face it: we all use Facebook when we should be doing something more productive, right? What if I told you that you could play on Facebook, and have a positive impact on your business at the same time?  You can!  You just need to focus your interaction on your customers and clients, instead of your long lost cousin from Wisconsin (hey Suzanne! You read my blog, right?)

How do you focus on key business relationships that are getting lost in your Facebook feed?

The answer: Facebook Lists.

Today I’m going to share with you how to create Facebook Lists so that you’re more likely to interact with people who are important to your business.

If you want to keep yourself up-to-date with some people, creating a Facebook List is the way to go.

How to Create Facebook Lists

  1. Log on to your Facebook Account. Make sure that you’re looking at your News Feed. You can navigate to your News Feed by clicking ‘Home.’
  2. On the left hand column, hover over ‘Friends’ then click ‘More’.
  3. Click ‘+ Create List’.
  4. Name your list. Click ‘Create’.
  5. Add friends to your list either by a.) clicking ‘Add Friends to List’ or b.) going to the ‘Add friends to this list’ field on the upper-right. If you want to add more people on your existing list, you can also click ‘See All’ on the upper-right corner, click the drop-down button and choose ‘Friends’.
  6. Go through your Friends list and choose the people you want to hear from more often. If you already have some people in mind, find them more quickly by using the Search bar. Click ‘Finish’.
  7. Repeat step 2. Click the cog icon on the right side of your newly created list and choose ‘Add to Favorites’. Now you’ll find your list under ‘Favorites’ for easier access!


Creating Facebook Lists is easy and it allows you to add business value while you’re surfing Facebook. Go forth and create that list now!  And be sure to add me to the list!