Jeff Burns is a web series writer, producer and director. His narrative web series is called Super Knocked Up, and his weekly pop-culture show is called Super Geeked Up. It airs on Google Hangouts every Wednesday at 11pm EST.

How did Jeff get started:

In college (Jeff has a masters degree in Ancient History) his roommates and he decided to make a ridiculous film, and he’s been in love with film-making ever since.

What inspires Jeff:

Jeff is inspired by being part of the web series community.

One tip for new creators:

Become part of the YouTube community. [Try this Facebook Group, or]

One indispensable piece of equipment:

His television. Hooked up to his computer – he watches with Hulu, YouTube, whatever.

Let’s talk money.

He’s getting some revenue from YouTube ad sharing and they get are part of Just the Story ( and receive revenue from there.

What’s next:

Jeff is about to release the season finale of Super Knocked Up.  He’s continuing Super Geeked Up every Wednesday and he’s starting a new time travel web series.

How to find Jeff:

See Super Knocked up and Super Geeked Up on

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