Do you wanna look better on camera? Good lighting can make you look like magic. Look more natural with these simple lighting tricks.

A studio with two lights on either side of the camera is a pretty common setup, but setting them at the same brightness and/or the same height are two common mistakes that people make.

So here are a couple of tips that can make you look more natural onscreen.

First, move the lights up.

Natural light usually comes from overhead – that’s how we’re used to seeing people. How far? That’s up to you.

Second, vary the intensity of the light.

If you have soft boxes, you can usually turn bulbs on and off individually or you can just unscrew a couple of bulbs, or adjust the brightness if you have an LED panel or just block some of the light.

The idea here is that the variation will make you look more three dimensional.

With these subtle changes to the lighting, you’ll definitely look better on camera.

If you make online videos, you wouldn’t wanna look flat. Keep these lighting tricks in mind to make your videos even better.