Do you use a webcam for making online videos, video calls, or Skype? Most of the time, we find ourselves staring down at our laptop cameras, and that’s not a good angle for video.  The camera sees things like the bottom of your nose and your chin (or double-chin, which is accentuated when you look down.)

Today I’ll be sharing with you a tool I found on Amazon that helps raise your laptop camera to your eye level.

It’s called the Eparé Universal Recipe Stand – you can buy this for $15 on Amazon or through their website. I’ve tried using it with a MacBook Pro 13” and a MacBook Air 11” and it works perfectly.

It creates a little tripod that allows support for your laptop, which is awesome.

Although I have to warn against using this for bigger, clunkier laptops that might be too big to be supported by this stand.

That’s it – the Eparé Universal Recipe Stand.

If you have a different solution to getting your webcam up at eye level, I’d love to hear about it down in the comments section below.