Are you a life coach looking to attract more clients? Do you do your coaching over the phone or the Internet? Online video is the best match for marketing for life coaches.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you three reasons why you should create online videos for your coaching business.

#1. YouTube is a search engine

YouTube is the number one search engine for asking questions that start with ‘how-to’ – how to lose weight, how to gain confidence, how to talk to a difficult boss. It is also owned by Google and it’s the second most popular search engine overall. So if you want people to find you, you should be on YouTube.

YouTube content also outlast blog posts based on my personal experience.

#2. It shows your personality to potential clients

Videos allow potential customers to experience your personality and then determine if they want to expand their relationship into a client-coach relationship.

#3. YouTube is a worldwide platform

You want to go worldwide, at least someday, right? Creating videos on YouTube will definitely expand your reach and expand your circle of clients, making you a world-class coach.

Online video is a powerful tool that professional coaches can use for their business.

If you want to explore how online video can help with marketing for life coaches, visit and schedule a free 20 minute call with Brighton. We can use this time to discuss any of your video needs: Email Funnels with Video, Testimonials, Drip Emails, E-Courses – video is such a perfect tool for coaches. I love talking with people about the possibilities.