Evan Jarvis from Gripsed has a YouTube channel where he teaches people how to play poker. He’s been playing poker for over ten years, and started Gripsed to share his knowledge and experience by training aspiring poker players.

Evan’s YouTube Channel:

At YouTube.com/Gripsed, you’ll find tutorials, reviews of poker tournaments and live cash games.

Where Evan draws his inspiration:

Evan draws a lot of inspiration from other YouTubers including:

Eric Thomas – a Motivational Speaker, Educator, Preacher, Youth Activist and Entrepreneur.

Eliot Hulse – for fitness and health

RSD Tyler – for personal power and relationships

Infinite Waters – for inner peace and spiritual growth

In terms of poker, Evan is inspired by the results his students are seeing.

Learning from a mistake:

Evan typically records his shows as one take – often up to 30 minutes long.  And he’s made the mistake of not testing his gear – particularly his audio gear – before recording.  Lesson learned: it’s worth a few extra seconds of testing to prevent needing to rerecord an entire show.

One indispensable piece of equipment for YouTube:

In Evan’s early videos, his audience gave him feedback about poor sound quality.  So Evan upgraded to a BlueYet Microphone.

Let’s talk money.

Evan makes some money from running ads on his YouTube videos (he has nearly 4.5 million views.)  His main source of revenue is selling his two books through his online store.  His advice to other creators – reinvest your early income in creating a top notch store to sell your products.

What’s next:

2014 was the year of the community at Gripsed.  2015 Evan will focus on himself more – with a goal of winning the main event at the World Series of Poker – a $10 Million first prize!

How to find Evan:




www.gripsed.com/videos/livestreams/ Livestreams Fri 1-5PM EST, Sun 2-10PM EST