Are you a coach who wants to get into online video, but you’re not quite sure you’re capable of doing it?

Today’s guest is Chris Sprague, and he’s able to help you in a do-some-of-it-for-you and do-some-of-it-yourself model.

His company is VideoContent.Agency and what they do is they work with coaches who want to create great, branded, online video content used for content marketing and create a great video content library.

Why coaches should be using Online Video

Video content allows you to connect with your potential clients in a way that audio and text doesn’t. They get a chance to see, a chance to resonate with you, connect with you, look into your eyes – and let’s face it, the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you want to attract your ideal client, you want to be able to look them in the face.

The other thing that makes it very key is the fact that you can create one video and have hundreds and thousands and millions of people watch that video and self-select what they’re even going to approach you about becoming a client, versus having to go through hundreds of free consulting sessions just to get that one ideal client.

As a coach, the worst thing you can do is take all your time with free consultations with people who will never be your ideal client. You need video content because your time is too valuable to waste on people who will never take advantage of your service.

Biggest struggle in coaching

Chris found that the biggest struggle for coaches, whether a novice or experienced, is the fear of being in front of the camera – most specifically, the fear of not knowing what to say.

People are generally afraid to say the wrong thing, or something that people don’t want to hear or won’t understand. If you’re a coach and you find yourself in that situation, VideoContent.Agency can help you with that.

One piece of equipment

Get a really good webcam. People think they need high-quality, professional production cameras and microphones, but the dirty little secret is, he has a $70 webcam.

It’s a Logitech C920 for the PC or C930 for the Mac. The reason it’s important is two-fold – one, high-quality video and two, high-quality audio.

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Get in touch with Chris

If you are a coach and if you already realize that creating a library video, a branded video content is what you need to do, head over to VideoContent.Agency and take a look at what they’ve got to offer.

The other thing is if you are a coach and you want to be in a show similar to Subscriber Nation, head over to and hit the ‘Apply’ button.