Ron Morgan is the CEO of Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland Oregon.  Dove Lewis is producing an online subscription video service for small animal hospitals around the world, and creating significant revenue for this non-profit animal hospital.  The subscription service is called On the Floor at Dove.

How did On the Floor get started:

As a non-profit Dove Lewis was looking for ways to create new revenue streams during the recession.  They found that as a teaching hospital, they could expand their mission by using video and the Internet to reach more veterinary clinics.

What inspires Ron:

The people that work at Dove Lewis. They are incredibly passionate about caring for the animals.

Learning from a mistake:

The sales process has changed greatly from when they launched. They focused on content, and he would encourage anyone trying to replicate this system to spend just as much time on the sales system as they do the content creation.

Let’s talk money.

There is a seven day free trial and some videos available on YouTube.  To reach all the content, clinics can buy an annual ($350) or monthly plan.  They made $500,000 this year and plan to go over $1 million soon.

One indispensable piece of equipment:

The hospital.  The entire show is shot on location, lending a lot of authenticity to the show.

What’s next:

Expansion into schools.  Schools have started using On the Floor, so they are planning to modify it to be more useful in an academic setting.

How to find On the Floor at Dove:

On the Floor at Dove