Do you want to know the formula top YouTubers use to structure their videos?

Sometimes you can get away with winging it, but if you want to be on top of your YouTube game, it’s good to learn from those who are already there.

Today, I’m going to share THE formula, plus a special tip from Gideon Shalwick.

To succeed, sometimes we have to follow a formula. The good thing about this is, most of the time, the formula works!

The Magic YouTube Formula

Step 1. The Hook. This is usually the first 5 seconds.  I like to start with a question, something that I know that is a problem that my viewers have that I have the solution to. This could last as long as 30 seconds, but shorter is usually better.

Step 2. The Branding. Probably another five seconds, and once again, shorter is better. This is where you show your logo.

Step 3. The Content. This will be your vlog, the how-to video or the funny stuff. This is usually a few minutes long, just as long as it takes to get your point across, but not a second longer.

Step 4. The Outro or Call to Action. This is a step that many YouTubers forget. You need to ask your audience to do something; you need to tell them specifically what it is you want them to do. You just provided them with something of value – what would you like to get back?

Make sure to ask only one or two things. Viewers are more like to act on a specific request (e.g., a like, share or comment, watch another one of your videos or to go to your website) than giving them a dozen of options.

Choice is hard. Make it easier for your viewers to give you something back.

And before I forget, here’s Gideon’s secret — the open loop.

It’s basically telling your audience that you’re gonna share something special, but you don’t share it right away. They will have to stick around in order to get that content.

That’s the 4-step formula. It’s simple!