Feroshia Knight, founder and CEO of Coach Training World, joins us today to talk about how to use online tools such as videos and blogs to promote your business and to make a connection with your audience.

Reaching the world through your online videos

The world is accessible online. People from different countries are able to get access to your services by putting up videos and digital content on the web.

It also allows people to know more of who you are and connect with you and your unique personality.

Must-have equipment for beginners

GoPro Kit

Tips for struggling newbies

Before filming your video, you should know what to say, be on point, and have a plan or a cheat sheet in front of you so that you stay on task. It will save time when editing and get your point across more fluently.

Other ways to promote your business other than online videos

Feroshia also has a blog and embeds your there. Anything that puts you out into the online world – may it be through written content, video or audio – will help promote your business.

If you’re doing an e-book, you could make it interactive and actually put in links there to your videos, etc.

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