Do you want to create a video to share on your Facebook business page with your iPhone? It’s quite easy to use online videos to share knowledge and grow your business on Facebook.

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a simple Facebook video for your business page.

Hoow to Post Video To A Facebook Business Page

  1. Prepare your camera. You can choose a horizontal or vertical position when recording your online video using your iPhone. Use a selfie stick or a tripod to make your video more stable.
  2. Log in to Facebook. Go to your Facebook page then head over to your page’s status bar and write something about the video you’re about to record. Click the Photo/Video icon then click on the camera icon to pull up the recording screen, then click the video camera icon (upper right corner) for video recording.
  3. Start Recording. Push the record button to start recording the video and the stop button when you’re done. (Make sure that the camera is at eye level or higher, and that you are looking at the camera lense, not at the LED screen.)
  4. Post your video. You can replay your video to see what it looks like and if you’re satisfied, click on Use to start uploading the video, You can also add a location or tag people/pages.
  5. Schedule your post. Click on continue, then you can choose to publish your video now or schedule it. If you want to publish it immediately, just hit Publish. 

Now, you can start creating online videos to help promote yourself and your business on your Facebook business page!

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