If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who wants to be on camera on YouTube, then this light is the perfect tool. For under $20, you can get this rechargeable mini-spotlight, which casts 3 different brightnesses of light – perfect for lighting up your face on camera. I bought this a couple weeks ago and I’ve probably used it every day. It’s bright enough to use in a dark room, or just to cast a little extra glow on your face. Adding a little light when you are using a webcam can also improve the resolution of the image.

Good lighting is a must have for anyone that wants to look professional on camera, and this tool is great for your toolkit.

The rechargeable light is $18 on Amazon. It will last 1-3 hours on battery. But I added a $13 10 foot long USB to Lighting cable so that it would stay charged no matter how long I used it.  This is perfect when I have back to back Skype calls – I don’t need to worry about slowly fading into the darkness.

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