Want to get more views on your videos? Make sure to caption them!

Closed Captions are always good for YouTube SEO, so it’s good practice to always include it in your videos, or fix the captions YouTube auto-generates.

The price at Rev has increased to $1.50 per minute since I made this video, but I still consider it a bargain for the service they provide.

In this video, I talk about how and why you should use Rev to caption your videos.

How to Caption YouTube Videos Using Rev.com

  1. Upload your video to YouTube
  2. Log in to Rev.com
  3. Choose ‘English Captions’
  4. Click ‘Get Started’
  5. Under ‘Pull videos directly from your account’, click the YouTube button. What I love about this is once you select the YouTube video you want to caption, you don’t really have to do anything else. That’s the beauty of Rev. If you don’t want to connect your accounts, you can upload your video to Rev.com directly
  6. Add your account to Rev
  7. Choose the video you want to caption and click ‘Add Selected to Cart’. Note: Rev cannot caption Private videos. They have to either be Unlisted or Public.
  8. Once you’re happy with your order, click ‘Checkout’
  9. Choose your payment method and click ‘Place Order’


Why should you caption your videos?

  1. For people who are hard of hearing,
  2. For people who can’t turn their sound on,
  3. For people whose primary language isn’t the same as the language used in the video, and
  4. GOOGLE! Manually adding captions will give you an SEO boost.


So what are you waiting for? Start captioning your videos with Rev.com (if you’re a new customer, I may earn a commission.)

Are you a Rev.com user? Share with us how Rev helped you in the comments below.