If you want to look and sound more professional on video, you should be using a teleprompter.

In this video, I’m going to talk about the handy Parrot Teleprompter. Watch the video below to see how it works!

The Parrot Teleprompter

If you’re looking for something compact and affordable, then this teleprompter is perfect for you. For 99 bucks $140, it might be a bit  damn expensive for being a piece of plastic and a couple of springs, but I’m telling you – it works really well.

UPDATE: The Parrot Teleprompter now works with the iPhone camera. They sell an adapter. You’ll still need an iPhone as the teleprompter plus one as the camera. This replaces the DSLR or Video Camera from the video

6 things you need to know about the Parrot Teleprompter:

  • Unlike the Caddie Buddy, the Parrot Teleprompter attaches to the camera and not the other way around.
  • Because of its small size, you can only use it with an iPhone or Android phone (where you run a teleprompter app like PromptSmart)
  • It’s easily transportable because of its compact size.
  • It comes with filter thread adapters of various sizes. You can only use a DSLR or video camera as a recording device. There’s no other way around it.
  • Because it’s only a little bit wider than the camera lens, you don’t have to move your eyes back and forth so much (which makes it such a great tool).
  • It comes with its own app.

How to use the Parrot Teleprompter

  • Find the thread adapter with the same size as your filter ring.
  • Attach the adapter to your camera.
  • Slide it into the back side of the teleprompter.
  • Run the teleprompter app on your phone
  • Pull down the bottom part of the teleprompter and insert your phone.
  • Run the app and record your video!

IMPORTANT: You might be using a camera with a filter ring that’s not compatible with any of the thread adapters. Don’t worry! You can purchase one step-up ring for 10 bucks on Amazon or get an entire pack for $20.