One of my clients recently emailed asking “how to make something scripted look unscripted.” I didn’t follow, so on our next phone call I got more details.

Rob,”You know, like when the president speaks, he’s reading, but the audience can’t tell.”

Brighton, “Ahhhh… Teleprompters!”

After telling him about my failed attempts to build a DIY teleprompter (you may be more successful,) I then told him they are very expensive. But it looks like the price has come way down.

I purchased this teleprompter from Amazon for less than $175. Of course you need an iPad to start, but lots of folks have those already. And the apps to turn them into teleprompters are free or low price.

My favorite is Teleprompt+3 ($25) which allows me to control my iPad with my iPhone. The connectivity is problematic – but I think it’s due to the distance from my wireless router. However, it works much better than the connectivity on ProPrompter ($15)

I recently bought the Caddie Buddie teleprompter for $160 on Amazon and I like it more than my other one. The things I like most are the folding screen (easy for storage) and the way the camera is mounted. And I go over all the reasons one teleprompter is better than the other in this post.