Looking for a free tool to manage your to-do list (or any list)?  Workflowy is my go to solution. It’s a simple solution – all it does is let you make lists, and then you can complete the tasks, share your lists or add notes.

Workflowy works over the web or on your smartphone. It synchronizes your list across devices so they are always up to date.  And you can nest lists and collapse them.

Here’s my organization method – feel free to copy, or develop your own.


Top level (it’s organized like an outline) is the different parts of my life Work, Personal, and my Business.

Under each of these, I have Today, Tomorrow and Later. Today is just a few items that I plan to finish by the end of the day (it’s best to keep this down to 3-4 items, but I often break that rule.) Tomorrow is similar and allows me to think ahead, then just drag the tasks up at the beginning of the day. Later is all the various other ideas I think of on any given day.

Check out Workflowy – you get 250 free items per month and unlimited items for $5 per month.