If you are looking to expand your life coaching (or executive coaching, nutrition coaching, relationship coaching…) business, your personality needs to resonate to your clientele. There is no medium that says “this is who I am and ready to help you” more than online video.

Introducing Yourself to Potential Clients

There is so much competition in every industry today, people do not purchase products based solely on the quality of that product. When people make a purchase, they are making an investment in a brand as well. If you are in the coaching market, then you need to be sure that your customers take you in as a whole personality. This is the only way that they can begin to trust you and invest in you as a life coach or business coach.

Expanding Your Clientele

When you start your advertising using online video, you immediately expand your clientele beyond your physical reach. Online videos reach people who are willing to invest in your services remotely.  Many successful coaches are using the “Skype-only” model for coaching because of the efficiency compared to in-person coaching. Use the technology at your fingertips to provide you with more opportunity than you could achieve through traditional advertising methods.

Becoming Known as an Expert to Your Clientele

Using a free platform like YouTube allows you to be there when potential clients are looking for answers.  YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, and the #1 search engine for people asking “How to…” Whether you are talking about social media or business, video is becoming a expected form of communication in our world. By showcasing yourself on an online video, you immediately showcase your expertise as well is your personality, a very important trait if you want people to begin trusting you as an expert in your field.

Now that you know, what is your next move?

Marketing for coaches is not a difficult proposition if you have the right people on your team. Your next move is a free call with me to discuss how online video can help your coaching business. I can help you create a strategy for adding video to your practice, train you how to produce and publish video, optimize your current videos, or even produce your videos for you – let’s start by chatting via Skype.