MoovOne Video Offer

A video is the best way to connect with potential clients online. That's why MoovOne requires you to have a video in your profile. You could record on your own - but last I checked, you were a coach, not a video producer. Spend your time in your zone of genius - and let me handle all the technical stuff. I've created a simple three-step system to guide you through the process.

Working together, your video will be:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Fun
  • Professional
  • High-Converting

If you do it on your own with your cell phone, will it be any of those things? And will your video attract the level of client that you hope to work with?


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Step 1: Your Screenplay

Collect your thoughts. Sketch an outline. Exercise your typing fingers.
I'll provide a worksheet to help you structure your thoughts so you capture the high points. No need to write a script - just create simple outline.

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Step 2: Dress rehearsal

Next, you and I will meet on Skype to review your outline, check your wardrobe plans, your camera, lighting, background, etc. We'll film a short clip so that you can see what you look like on camera - and that gives you a chance to change your look before filming day.

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Step 3: Filming Day

We'll meet on Skype again on filming day. I'll be your virtual director, videographer and biggest fan. No need to say everything in one take. We break your outline into short pieces to record separately. Then my editors do the magic in post-production.

After filming day, give us a week and we'll have a video for you to add to your coaching profile and your website.

Need more than one language? We can do that too!

Want more creative control? You can get involved in post-production (but for speed and ease, we usually just get it done for you.)


Check out these samples from other coaches.

Thumbnail for MoovOne Video in Spanish

Coach Patricia Ferrando created versions in English, Spanish and French.

Thumbnail for MoovOne coach video

We produced this video for coach Chris Howell. 

Thumbnail for MoovOne Coach video

Executive Coach and Business Psychologist Georgina Walsh has had great success after recording this video.