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ICF Oregon Webinar, August 10, 2021 


I’d love to speak to your group

If a crowd is gathered, I’d love to get up front and speak to them. A small crowd or a large crowd, I like to be up front, with my heart beating fast and my palms sweaty. The moments before going on stage are a mix of fear and adrenalin – but it’s something that I love. (When I was single, I also loved blind dates!)

If you have a group of professional coaches or similar professionals, I’d love to talk with y’all about how to use online video to spread your message and grow your businesses. Please reach out and let’s see if the next butterflies in my stomach will be in front of your group.


Brighton West is a virtual videographer for professional coaches. He began his video journey making narrative and documentary videos – but he was always behind the camera. Along the way, he learned that being on camera was more influential/beneficial/profitable than being behind it. So he overcame his fear of being on camera and now helps his client turn the camera on themselves. Brighton has built his business by creating YouTube tutorials about using YouTube in business. Through his channel, he’s positioned himself as the expert for professional coaches who want to grow their global audience with video. He now helps these subject matter experts avoid his early mistakes and accelerates their journey to success with online video.

Brighton works with coaches around the world to get the three videos that coaches need: authority building videos, testimonial videos and a “video headshot.” You won’t find Brighton behind a camera anymore. He’ll teach you to be your own DIY videographer, find a local videographer to film you, or he can be your virtual-videographer by capturing you through your webcam – whichever is right for you and your business. Don’t run out and hire a videographer who has fancy equipment, but doesn’t understand what works to grow a coaching practice. Connect with Brighton to figure out the right strategy for your business.

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Why I love working with coaches, and why video works so well for them:

  1. Their clients are often not local – so they can leverage the power of the Internet as a worldwide marketing tool. (but video can work for local businesses too.)
  2. Their clients need to “know, like and trust” them before hiring them. Video is the best way to create a personal connection with potential clients online.
  3. Coaches are positive people that are fun to work with!

Who do I group in with coaches? Someone who:

  1. needs to connect with clients at a personal level and develop trust to be successful. So a hypnotist, life coach, executive coach, NLP practitioner, maybe even a real estate agent. Compare that to someone whose clients need to trust them, but maybe not know and like them. A cardiologist or accountant or a sandwichologist needs to know their stuff – but you’re buying their skill less than their personality.
  2. ideally can connect with clients or customers remotely – over the phone or by Skype. Online video is great for local businesses, but it’s real power is in reaching potential clients globally.
  3. works with individuals to help them achieve business or personal success. I’m most excited to work with people to transform their lives. Mechanics are great people, but fixing someone’s car and helping them find their life purpose are different things.
  4. ideally, they are also speakers and authors. They want their message to reach an international audience.

What kind of classes, lectures or webinars can I provide?

Get Comfortable on Camera to Connect with Clients

Length: typically 30 minute – 1 hour Audience: Beginner to Intermediate
Coaches need to connect with clients (and potential clients.) In this presentation or webinar, Brighton shares his top tips for looking great on camera. Where to look? Where to put the camera? What to Wear? The best part of this presentation is that when time allows (1 hour long events) all audience members break into small groups to practice. This is my favorite presentation and always gets rave reviews.

Using Online Video to Promote Your Coaching Practice

Length: 20-90 minutes. Audience: Beginner to Intermediate
Online video covers a wide spectrum: YouTube, Facebook Live, TED talks, Snapchat, Vlogs… Let me share why video is so powerful and the three videos that make the foundation of any coaching video strategy: video testimonials, video headshots and authority building videos. I’ll share the purpose of each one and how to capture them. I’ll share when to hire a pro and when to DIY. And if we have time, I’ll teach you how to record your own videos.

Is YouTube for You?

Length: 1-2 hours Audience: Beginner 
Learn how businesses are using YouTube to grow their customer base. We’ll talk about types of videos that work for small businesses, platforms like YouTube versus Facebook, DIY options and videographers, and whether video is a good strategic investment for your business.

How to get your target customer to watch your YouTube videos

Length: 1-2 hours Audience: Intermediate – Advanced
If you are already creating videos for YouTube, but you aren’t seeing the results you desire, this class will teach you how to get the eyeballs you desire. We cover how to create professional looking, quality content and set up YouTube so your target audience can find them.

Check out a few reviews from a presentation I did at ICF Converge in Prague.

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