Virtual Video + YouTube services to skyrocket your business. 

Our clients are transforming the world in some incredible ways. And they’re using our virtual video and YouTube services to magnify their impact – 100x over!

Packages we offer.

Raving Fans Package

Are you the best kept secret since “who shot JR?” Let us share your success stories with video testimonials. Let you client share your success, globally with online video.

Video Headshot

You won’t make it to the casting call without a headshot. And the same is true for coaches. Potential clients want to get to know you, like you and trust you before they hire you. And an About Page video lets you do that.

In Theaters Now

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. But so many coaches try and fail on YouTube. Don’t put in the time and money without success. Let us help you shine with YouTube videos.
Need help figuring out which one is right for your coaching practice? Schedule a free strategy call now. I’ll get to know you and your business and I can help you draw out a path forward. Your audience is getting restless!

2 thumbs up graphicRaving Fans Package $599 / 3 Pack

You’ve got fans and they are already saying great things about you. But your business needs clients beyond your local theater. Online video is the best way to capture a believable, convincing and authentic testimonial, which will then convince future clients. Having a third party talk about you is a great way to build social proof. Talking about yourself is one thing, having clients talk about you is a whole nother level. Similarly, written testimonials are one thing, but having your clients speak directly to your future clients is much more effective.

But getting clients to provide video testimonials is traditionally difficult, expensive or ineffective. That’s why we created a system to capture testimonials from coaching clients with minimal effort from you and your client.

Video Testimonials attract more ideal clients

⇨ 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

⇨ Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing, at 89%

⇨ 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch video

⇨ Testimonials are the most effective form of video marketing

What’s included in the package?

We make the process simple for you and your client. Here’s what you’ll get:

⇨ You’ll get email templates to invite your client to commit to a video testimonial and schedule with us.

We communicate with your client (you don’t need to chase them down after the initial connection.)

Your client schedules online for a 15 minute Skype call with Brighton, and they watch a 3-minute video to get ready.

⇨ Your client spends just 15 minutes on a Skype call, from their home or office, with their webcam over Skype.

Brighton will coach your client to look great and provide an authentic, compelling, natural testimonial.

⇨ We use a unique process to get your client to comfortably talk about the transformation you coached them through – they don’t need to memorize or even prepare in advance. And we have fun together on the call!

⇨ Everything is recorded to the cloud, then we edit and select the best quotes to add as text to the screen – matching the colors and fonts from your website.

⇨ We post the video to Vimeo, including custom embed settings to make the video appear most professionally, and a custom thumbnail. And we give you instructions to add it to your website or social media pages.

⇨ We provide a transcript of the video so you can use the text on your website or elsewhere, and we close caption the video for accessibility and SEO.

⇨ Finally, we’ll give you a template you can use to ask your client to post the text as a LinkedIn recommendation.

Sample Testimonials

Thumbnail for video testimonial
What is the difference between this service and asking my clients to film their own testimonials, or just recording a Skype call between me and my clients?

You and your clients are probably not trained to capture great video, tell a great testimonial story, edit video or adjust embed code for your website. Leave that to us experts and spend your time in your zone of genius. Below are examples of videos captured for a coach by a client on their own, and then the same client using our system.

As you can see – we make sure the story is succinct and impactful, the video meets certain standards like positioning the camera and holding it steady, we edited it to capture the important parts of the story, and add important text to the screen.



Testimonials for this testimonial service? Sure we have those! Click here.

Trying to leave a testimonial for your coach? Click here.

What can be added to the basic package for an additional fee? 

⇨  Background music

⇨  Getting your feedback and editing the video accordingly

⇨  Adding B-roll (photos, videos, etc) during editing

⇨  Animation and graphics

⇨  Exporting part of your video as an Animated GIF for exciting email use

⇨  Uploading and Optimizing on YouTube

⇨  Customize the questions (our default questions are awesome, but we can be flexible too.)

⇨  Add one more client video

Video Headshot GraphicVideo Headshot Package $499

Short of meeting you in person, an online video is the best way to build know, like and trust online.

This video tells your story. Shows your values. And reveals your journey.

Why a Video Headshot?

Text, Photo, Video ComparisonPeople love to watch video online – it helps us to connect with the person in the video and gather clues about their personality, professionalism, sense of humor, etc. A photo and some words doesn’t convey nearly the level of information that a video does. If you’re in a business where your clients need to know, like and trust you, then video is the answer.

Video headshots can be placed on your website’s About page, your LinkedIn profile or your YouTube account. These are all places for you to tell your story – reveal why you are so excited about your business – and connect to your audience. It’s your opportunity to tell your audience why you are the perfect person to solve their problems. Your About page and LinkedIn Profile probably have a professional headshot showing what you look like – but a video can show your visitors who you are – and help them determine if they want to work with you (or equally important – if they are not a good fit.)

Why Skype?

Skype allows us to capture authentic, yet professional video from the comfort of your home or office – saving both time and money. Skype has a great remote recording option that is not possible with Zoom. Video captured by Skype is perfect for your About page, but you may want to consider hiring a local videographer to help you with video for the home page of your website.

We can capture a video with your webcam that will convert better than something captured by a professional videographer in a studio. The reason? People want authenticity. And they want story. We focus on gathering this video in a style that makes you look like a pro, but doesn’t make you look like an actor playing a coach on TV.

What’s included in the basic package: 

⇨  A 30 to 90 second long video of you speaking directly to your website visitor.

⇨  An authentic video captured with your webcam, under Brighton’s direction using Skype.

⇨  A 30 minute phone call to prepare prior to the recording day, including direction on preparing your script.

⇨   Up to 60 minutes with a professional videographer recording your video through Skype.

⇨ Up to 20 words or your logo on screen.

⇨  Professional editing with one opportunity to request changes.

⇨  Hosting your video on our Vimeo Plus account.

⇨  Directions for embedding the video into your website.

Schedule your shoot now and you can have a video headshot in as soon as one week.

What can be added to the basic package for an additional fee? 

⇨  Background music

⇨  Additional editing beyond first round of requests

⇨  Adding B-roll during editing

⇨  Animation and graphics

⇨  Uploading and Optimizing on YouTube

⇨  Tripod and Microphone mailed to your home or office


Sample Video Headshots 

 Hollywood star graphicIn Theaters Now starting at $199

We call YouTube a Discovery Engine. Your potential clients are spending more and more time consuming online video every year. Already 80% of Internet traffic is video – and that’s growing.

When your potential clients are experiencing a pain point, they’ll often head to the Internet for a quick fix. That’s when you want to show up, solve your potential client’s immediate problem, and then build a relationship to turn them into a paying client.

Let us to record, edit and post a new authority building video every week on your own YouTube channel.

I’ll help you record these videos during a Skype call. From there, we handle all the technical parts – editing your videos and managing your YouTube posting. You just share your knowledge – let us handle the rest.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google.


Not every viewer will become a client. Many will take the value you provide and then walk away. But YouTube is not only the second most popular search engine. It’s also the second more visited website. The potential for exposure on YouTube is so great that you’d be overwhelmed if even two percent of your viewers hired you. But coaches are an altruistic lot. And I haven’t had a client yet who has regretted helping their global audience for free.

So how do you show up when your potential clients are looking? You position yourself as an authority in your niche. You create videos that solve their problems. Those videos follow a formula that is proven to work best on YouTube. And you optimize your video for discovery when posting it.

This solution is our most varied solution. So we always start with a $199 YouTube Strategy Session to ensure that this is right for you and help you determine if creating a single authority building video on YouTube is what you need, if you just need a YouTube coach, or if you’d like us to record, edit and post a new authority building video every week on your own YouTube channel.

Start by setting up a 30 minute free call to make sure that we are a good match.

Sample Authority Building Videos

This coach only needed one video to show up in the world’s second largest search engine. We recorded via Skype.

We work with the coaching company to record via Skype and release weekly videos on YouTube.

This is a consulting client that I meet with twice a month to help him produce and edit his own YouTube videos.

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