What is a Virtual Videographer?

A virtual videographer is a videographer who works over the Internet instead of at your office, home or in a studio. You can get the videos you need for your business without the interruption or expense of having a video crew invade your space.

A virtual videographer can help you plan your video (including how the video will serve your marketing needs) and will direct you over a video call.

Two systems for working with a Virtual Videographer

When I work with clients I have two systems to choose from:

  1. The Super Simple System. Here I connect with the “on camera talent” via Skype and record the video over the Internet. This is super simple for the person being recorded because I handle all the technical aspects. This produces a really authentic video, but it’s not as crisp because it’s captured over the Internet.
  2. The Slightly Less Simple System. The second option involves you recording the video on your smartphone, will I watch and direct using Zoom on your laptop. You’ll need to be able to hold your phone steady and at eye level, and afterwards, you’ll need to send me the video files, but it’s still relatively simple.

Setup for Slightly Less Simple Virtual Videography

Image showing placement of laptop and smartphone

Benefits of working with a Virtual Videographer

  • Lack of interruption. The video recording is quick with minimal setup time. There is no fancy equipment and crew to deal with.
  • Potential cost savings. Because the video is recorded at your office or home using equipment that you already own (that living room lamp can make a great key-light) you save time and money working virtually.
  • Authenticity. Virtual videography results in very authentic looking videos.
  • An experienced videographer. Because no time is wasted, you can work with a more high-level videographer or video marketer to prepare your videos.
  • Location independent. You can record virtual videos wherever there is a strong Internet connection.

If you’re a coach or consultant and have any questions about working with a virtual videographer, please set up a time to talk with me.