Brighton West Video provides effective, expert online video content marketing services to professional coaches that is designed to identify and maximize your specific market opportunities. I offer a full service of products that best meet your needs, including:

● Video production and marketing strategies designed for your business, and

● Online video marketing training using the latest marketing research so you can produce your own successful online marketing or online product.

● Assistance with online course production.

Who benefits from online video?

● Coaches: Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches, Wealth Coaches and even Coaching Coaches who want to distinguish themselves from their peers and connect with potential clients.

● Keynote Speakers, Facilitators , Seminar Leaders and Entertainers who want to show off their skills for potential clients and speakers bureaus.

● Professionals who want to become thought leaders and recognized experts in their fields.

● Online business people who want to produce products and secure passive income.

● Entrepreneurs and small businesses who want an effective, personal marketing strategy to build their customer lists and increase sales.

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