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We call YouTube a Discovery Engine. Your potential clients are spending more and more time consuming online video every year. Already 80% of Internet traffic is video – and that’s growing.

When your potential clients are experiencing a pain point, they’ll often head to the Internet for a quick fix. That’s when you want to show up, solve your potential client’s immediate problem, and then build a relationship to turn them into a paying client.

Let us to record, edit and post a new authority building video every week on your own YouTube channel.

I’ll help you record these videos during a Skype call. From there, we handle all the technical parts – editing your videos and managing your YouTube posting. You just share your knowledge – let us handle the rest.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google.


Not every viewer will become a client. Many will take the value you provide and then walk away. But YouTube is not only the second most popular search engine. It’s also the second more visited website. The potential for exposure on YouTube is so great that you’d be overwhelmed if even two percent of your viewers hired you. But coaches are an altruistic lot. And I haven’t had a client yet who has regretted helping their global audience for free.

So how do you show up when your potential clients are looking? You position yourself as an authority in your niche. You create videos that solve their problems. Those videos follow a formula that is proven to work best on YouTube. And you optimize your video for discovery when posting it.

This solution is our most varied solution. So we always start with a $199 YouTube Strategy Session to ensure that this is right for you and help you determine if creating a single authority building video on YouTube is what you need, if you just need a YouTube coach, or if you’d like us to record, edit and post a new authority building video every week on your own YouTube channel.

Start by setting up a 30 minute free call to make sure that we are a good match.

Sample Authority Building Videos

This coach only needed one video to show up in the world’s second largest search engine. We recorded via Skype.

We work with the coaching company to record via Skype and release weekly videos on YouTube.

This is a consulting client that I meet with twice a month to help him produce and edit his own YouTube videos.